Daily at 10.15; 11.45; 13.30; 15.15 and 16.45 hrs.. More Information about boat-tours in Bremen.

Time table of the Sielwall-Ferry can be found here.

By boat from Bremen to Bremerhaven, Verden, Oldenburg and Achim again from May 2019 on.

Open daily. More information: Café Sand in Bremen

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Sielwall ferry

NOTICE: During the Breminale the ferry operates longer (Wed.+Thu. til 24.00 hrs., Fri. + Sat.
til 01.00 hrs., Sun. til 23.00 hrs.)

Right at kilometer 365 of the navigable Weser, not far away from the Bremen quarter "Viertel", between Osterdeich and the green Stadtwerder, the little Ferry crosses the Weser.

There is no time table, as the Ferry commutes between the two shores. 

Times of operation:
Mon. - Fri. from 07.00 hrs.
Sat. from 09.00 hrs.
Sun. from 10.00 hrs.
Until closing of the Café Sand, at least
until 23.00 hrs..

Adult: 1,50 € one way and 2,50 € return
Adult with bicycle: 1,80 € one way and 2,80 € return
Child: 0,70 € one way and 1,00 € return
Child with bicycle: 0,80 € one way and 1,20 € return