In November no departures. 1.12. - 16.12. Sat. and Sun. at 13.30 and 15.15 hrs.. More Information about boat-tours in Bremen.

Time table of the Sielwall-Ferry can be found here.

By boat from Bremen to Bremerhaven agin from May 2019 on.

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Roundtrip Bremerhaven

„Cast off“ in Bremerhaven.

The regular service of the “Oceana" between Bremen and Bremerhaven is not the only opportunity for our guests to gain fascinating insights into local industry and nature along the lower Weser river. During the stopover in Bremerhaven it is possible to take a 90 minute “sea trip" on the “Oceana" along the Bremerhaven container pier, past the Zoo am Meer (seaside zoo), the offshore sea terminal, the Kaiserschleuse, Columbusbahnhof, and the cruise terminal where one or other of the cruise liners awakens thoughts of a dream holiday. Below the Nordschleuse are the container terminals CT I to III with the largest container ships travelling the seas today. Here too the captain will give the passengers a detailed commentary about the various ships and container facilities to be seen. The “Oceana" turns back at the Wurster Arm, next to marker buoy 45, and on the return journey to the Seebäderkaje , with some luck and the right tide, it is possible to see the seals basking in the sun on the drying sandbanks of Langlütjensand.

Departure: Seebäderkaje at 13:00Return: Seebäderkaje ca. 14:30